PhD dissertations


WOLTERS, Jan-Willem, 17-10-2019,
Trophic and non-trophic interactions between macrophytes and macroinvertebrates in lowland streams.
Promotor : Dr. Rald C.M. Verdonschot, dr. Jonas Schoelynck, Prof.dr. Patrick Meire

VREBOS, Dirk,  29-01-2019
Understanding flows for integrated catchment management : water, quality, quantity and ecosystem services.
Promotor :  prof. dr. Patrick Meire



VAN COPPENOLLE, Rebecca, 18-12-2018
Potential for nature-based mitigation of coastal flood-risks.  From regional to global scale assessments
Promotor :  prof. dr. Stijn Temmerman

VAN DER BIEST, Katrien, 20-6-2018
Ecosystem-functioning approaches for assessing and managing ecosystem services
Promotor : prof. dr. Patrick Meire

BELMONTE,  Dàcil Unzué, 26-4-2018
Anthropogenic impacts on the properties and the distribution of the terrestrial biogenic silica pool
Promotoren :  prof. Patrick Meire, dr. Eric Struyf

ERFANI AGAH Ali, 27-3-2018
Influence of wastewater on the transport and transformation in irrigated soils
Promotoren :  prof. Patrick Meire and prof. Eric de Deckere



SCHEPERS Lennert, 19-12-2017
Spatial patterns and bio-geomorphological  effects of vegetation loss in a submerging coastal marsh
Promotor : Prof. Stijn Temmerman

REBELO Alanna Jane, 7-11-2017

Ecosystem Services of Palmiet Wetlands : the role of ecosystem composition and function
Promotoren :  Prof. Patrick Meire, prof. Karen J. Esler

LALIKA C.S. Makarius, 12-10-17
Potential for payments for watershed services and climate change adaption in Pangani River Basin, Tanzania
Promotor :   Prof. Yonika Ngaga, Prof. Patrick Meire

EMSENS Willem-Jan, 20-09-2017
The restoration of degraded iron-rich fens
Promotor : prof. Rudy Van Diggelen

VERSCHOREN Veerle, 31-01-2017
Spatial pattern formation of macrophytes : an integrated model for the management of lowland rivers
Promotor : Prof. dr. Stijn Temmerman, Prof. dr. Patrick Meire

STARK Jeroen, 11-01-2017
Effects of intertidal ecosystems on estuarine hydrodynamics and flood wave attenuation : a multi-scale study
Promotor : Prof. dr. Stijn Temmerman, Prof.dr. Patrick Meire




BOEREMA  Annelies,  12-09-2016
Ecosystem services : study of human influences on nature and the effects for society
Promotor : Prof. Dr. Patrick Meire, Prof. Dr. Steven Van Passel

CHAMBORD Sophie, 16-06-2016
Rôle du méso-zoöplancton dans un estuaire restauré : l'Escaut.
Promotor : Prof. dr. Patrick Meire, Prof. dr. Michèle Tackx (Université de Toulouse)




SILINKSI Alexandra, 09-12-2015
Living on the edge : Bio-physical interactions in the pioneer zone of expanding tidal marshes
Promotor : Prof. dr. Stijn Temmerman, Prof. dr. Patrick Meire, Prof. dr. Peter Troch

VANDEVENNE Floor, 13-05-2015
Tracing human imprints on the terrestrial cycle
Promotor : Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Dr. E. Struyf

BARAO Lucia, 09 -03 -2015
Biogenic and non-biogenic Si pools in terrestrial ecosystems :results from a novel analysis method.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Dr. E. Struyf


WANG Chen, 21 -10 -2014
biogeomorphic regime chifts between vegetated and bare states in tidal wetlands.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. S. Temmerman

FIVEZ Lise, 6 -10- 2014
Biogeochemical cycling in wetlands. Goose influences.
Promotor: Prof. Dr.P. Meire

STAES  Jan, 14- 5- 2014.
Application of ecosystems services for integrated land, soil and water management.
Promotor: Prof. P. Meire


MANGAMBU MOKOSO J.D.D, 25- 11- 2013.
Taxonomie, biogéographie et écologie des Ptéridophytes de l’écosystème forestier des montagnes du Parc National de Kahuzi-Biega à l’Est de la R.D. Congo.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. R. Van diggelen

KOPALOVÁ KateĊ™ina, 13- 09- 2013.
Taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of aquatic and limno-terrestrial diatoms (Bacillariophyta) in the Maritime Antarctic Region
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Linda Nedbalová, Prof. Dr.B. Van de Vijver

OOMS Marijke, 29- 5- 2013.
Potentials and limitations of testate amoebae from tidal marshes as bio-indicators of environmental change in the Scheldt estuary.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. S.  Temmerman, Prof. Dr. L. Beyens


TEUCHIES Johannes, 14- 12- 2012.
The biogeochemical cycle of metals in natural freshwater tidal marshes and in flood control areas
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Prof. Dr. Lieven Bervoets

OPDEKAMP Wouter, 15- 6- 2012.
Community composition and functional diversity in riparian wetlands: interactions between hydrology and competition.  
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Prof. Dr. R. van Diggelen

TSYGANOV Andrey N., 25- 5- 2012.
Climatic controls on testate amoeba assemblages in arctic and subarctic terrestrial ecosystems
Promotor: Prof. Dr. L. Beyens

BEAUCHARD Olivier, 3- 5- 2012.
Tidal Freshwater habitat restoration through controlled reduced tide system: a multi-level assessment.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire,  Co-promotor: Dr. Sander Jacobs


SCHOELYNCK Jonas, 9- 12- 2011:
Macrophyte patches as biogeochemical hotspots: what is the impact on river water quality?
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. S. Temmerman

VANDENBRUWAENE Wouter, 16-5- 2011:
Tidal channel development and the role of vegetation.  
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stijn Temmerman, Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire


SCHMITT Claudia, 14 - 12-2010:
Effect directed analysis and ecological relevance – Potamopyrgus antipodarum as a bridge between the lab and the field.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. E. de Deckere, Co-promotoren: Prof. Dr. L. Bervoets; Prof. P. Meire

VAN DAMME Stefan,  6- 2010:
Water quality and the Estuarine Environment: Spatio temporal patterns and opportunities for restoration with emphasis on nitrogen removal.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. ir. Oswald Van Cleemput


JACOBS Sander,  11- 2009:
Silica cycling and vegetation development in a restored freshwater tidal marsh.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Co-promotor: Dr. E. Struyf

BAL Kris, juni 2009:
Interactions between macrophyte ecology and hydraulic functioning of lowland
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire


KLIMKOWSKA Agata, december 2008:
Restoration of severely degraded fens: ecological feasibility, opportunities and constraints
Promotor: Prof. Dr. R. van Diggelen, Co-promotoren: Prof. Dr. W. Dembek; Prof. Dr. P. Meire

COX Tom,  13- 6- 2008:
Oxygen and primary production in the freshwater reaches of the Schelde estuary.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. Karline Soetaert


VAN LOOY Kris,  5- 2006:
River Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation.  A disorder Approach.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire, Co-promotor: Eckhart Kuijken


STRUYF Eric, 10-  2005: 
The role of freshwater marshes in estuarine silica cycling (Scheldt Estuary)
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire


Vegetation dynamics in P-limited rich fens
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire


YSEBAERT Tom, 2000:
Macrozoobenthos and waterbirds in the estuarine environment: spatio-temporal patterns at different scales.
Promotor: Prof. Dr. P. Meire