Criteria and methods for energy environmental retrofitting interventions in historical and heritage buildings. Analysis of the potential operational and economic benefits

The European existing building stock comprises a big opportunity for reducing primary energy consumption, which make the energy retrofit in existing building relevant. But when the intervention is carried out in historic and heritage buildings, the problem in linking energy improvement to building protection arises. Even if exceptions for historical buildings are stated in the two European Performance Building Directives, retrofitting strategies implementation for these buildings is growing across the European countries, often on the behalf of European commission.

But quite often the retrofit interventions on historic buildings and museums are designed solely on the basis of the energy demand reduction, other stringent criteria related to building preservation and intervention compatibility are neglected.

The ongoing research, supported by IWT and conducted in cooperation with Antwerp Municipality, proposes a protocol for energy environmental retrofit in historic and heritage buildings and provides a Decision Supporting System (DSS) for retrofit strategies evaluation and selection in this specific building typology.



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