Research Mission

Road Engineering Research Section (RERS) is the academic partner for asphalt and bitumen research in Belgium. Modelling, mechanical experiments and LCA-methodology are combined in order to design sustainable road pavements. RERS has built up expertise in the following research topics:

  • Bitumen & asphalt technology: ageing - healing - bitumen mechanics
  • Structural design of smart roads and heavy-loaded pavements
  • Recycling & green technologies

Our mission is to bring our expertise into the design and constructing processes of sustainable roads by the sector.

The RERS has supervised and conducted many funded research and industrial projects since 1997. Its broad network allows strong collaborations between several partners and an excellent dissemination of the results. Together with our external partners we organize several courses. Every year, in December, we organize an Asphalt Innovation Symposium to inform the sector about our own and international research topics.