The research team provides consultancy to industry and road authorities for innovative technologies, road design and environmental aspects. There are specific software, test methods and expertise present in the team of senior researchers.


The EMIB laboratory is equipped with a full asphalt pavement and binder testing lab. Following tests can be conducted in our laboratory.


  • Preparation, compaction and testing of gyratory specimen (Ø10cm and Ø15cm)
    • Mixing (EN 12697-35)
    • Gyratory compaction (EN 12697-31)
    • Determination of maximum density (EN 12697-5)
    • Determination of bulk density (EN 12697-6)
    • Determination of void characteristics (EN 12697-8)
    • Determination of water sensitivity (EN 12697-12)
    • Determination of Indirect Tensile Strength (EN 12697-23)
    • Determination of the affinity between aggregate and bitumen (EN 12697-11)
  • Preparation, compaction and testing of slabs (50x18x5cm, 50x18x10cm, 60x40x5cm, 60x40x10cm, 60x40x15cm)
    • Mixing (up to 50kg at once, EN 12397-35)
    • Roller compaction (EN 12697-33)
    • Wheel tracking (EN 12697-22)
    • Stiffness and fatigue tests


  • Determination of needle penetration (EN 1426)
  • Determination of softening point – R&B method (EN 1427)
  • Determination of the Fraass breaking point (EN 12593)
  • Determination of complex shear modulus and phase angle – DSR (EN 14770)
  • Determination of the flexural creep stiffness – BBR (EN 14771)
  • Accelerated long-term ageing by the rotating cylinder method - RCAT (EN 15323)