In order to enhance the academic, personal, and socializing skills of students as well as promoting national/international collaboration between universities, the SuPAR research group provides the opportunity for students at both bachelor and master levels to conduct their research projects and study in a different cultural and academic environment. This exchange allows students to gain international experience, improve their language skills, and broaden their knowledge and perspectives on various subjects. SuPAR group mainly concentrates on infrastructure-oriented research. To be particular, pavement engineering in general, bituminous materials characterization, health monitoring, and sustainability which play a pivotal role in the economy and development of all countries, are the core expertise of the SuPAR research group. Accordingly, several projects are/were defined by the SuPAR group to promote sustainable/resilient pavements. Some of the recent projects are currently being considered for international collaboration in the forms of internships/bachelor projects (bachelor level) and master projects. The links to these projects with the contact details of the responsible person are listed on the SuPAR website. Please do not hesitate to contact the project’s responsible individual if you are interested to collaborate with our research group.