Road Engineering Research Section (RERS) is in Belgium the only academic partner for asphalt and bitumen research and conducts external funded applied research, e.g. for the Flemish government, industry and other partners; and fundamental research in collaboration with master students and doctoral researchers. During the previous years, RERS has built up expertise in the following research topics:

  • Bitumen & asphalt technology: ageing - healing - bitumen mechanics
  • Structural design & smart roads
  • Recycling & green technologies

Bitumen & asphalt technology: ageing - healing - bitumen mechanics

In this cluster, research is conducted on the durability properties of bituminous mixtures. Specifically, ageing and healing mechanisms are investigated. The main research method is the determination of the rheological properties of the binder, mastic, mortar and asphalt.

Structural design & smart roads

  • Structural design of road pavements e.g., using reclaimed asphalt and roofing waste;

Recycling & green technologies

  • Development of solar asphalt constructions;
  • LCA study on the use of reclaimed asphalt aggregates in hot asphalt mixtures;
  • The development and implementation of innovative materials and production methods such as warm mix asphalt, foam bitumen, high amounts of recycling and noise reducing  pavements.