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‘The point at which the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability can be assessed consistently and with sufficient detail lies at the end of a hurdled path. Such an accomplishment, however, would benefit science and society by facilitating a more thorough understanding of the impacts of human actions and identifying the proactive response required to achieve sustainability.’ [1]

Achieving a more sustainable society is a challenging task and decision makers need the most appropriate information to support their choices. To draw conclusions about the environmental profile of products, systems or services, the environmental impact of their entire life cycle has to be investigated, for example based on the methodology of life cycle assessment (LCA).

[1]         S. Hellweg and L. M. I. Canals, “Emerging approaches, challenges and opportunities in life cycle assessment,” Science (80-. )., vol. 344, no. 6188, pp. 1109–1113, 2014.