Thesisvoorstellen 2017-2018

All thesis proposals can be found here.

Thesis subjects 2013-2014

Lab for Environmental and Urban Ecology - Roeland SAMSON

  • Topic 1: Which (urban) tree species are most efficient in capturing PM?
  • Topic 2: How much PM is captured by urban trees?
  • Topic 3: The secret life of cuticular wax layers, and their role in PM capturing.
  • Topic 4: Characterization of bacterial leaf communities of different tree species in relation to air pollution
  • Topic 5: Vegetable gardens near railways, a healthy idea?

Lab for Applied Microbiology and Immunology - Sarah Lebeer

  • Topic 1: Characterization of bacterial leaf communities in relation to air pollution
  • Topic 2: The atmosphere: a new realm for microbiologists
  • Topic 3: Immunological role of microbial endotoxins in relation to indoor air pollutants
  • Topic 4: Antipathogenic activity of upper airway probiotics
  • Topic 5: Protease activity of lactobacilli in relation to immunomodulation

See the presentation of the proposed thesis subjects by clicking here (pdf_3.7MB).


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