• Er hangt iets in de lucht: Prof. Roeland Samson legt uit hoe luchtvervuiling een grotere impact heeft op kinderen (Eén, Koppen, 24 februari 2016).


February 2014: Article on masterthesis in EOS

The masterthesis on atmospheric bacteria in the Antwerp region aroused the interest of EOS. Air biomonitoring using micro-organisms seems like a promising tool for future research!


October 2013: Stadslab 2050 Antwerp

The lab for Environmental and Urban Ecology actively participates in the Stadslab 2050 project of the city of Antwerp. Click here to see the reportage at the Antwerp regional television (ATV).

September 2013: European Commission News Alert: Trees could be used to monitor air pollution simply and cheaply

Article of Ali Reza Khavaninzadeh was reported in the News Alert of the Science for Environment Policy of the European Commission.

February 2013: Opinion article of Prof.Dr. Sarah Lebeer in "De Standaard"

On February 13th, 2013, Sarah Lebeer wrote an opinion article in the newspaper "De Standaard" entitled "too much hygiene damages our health" (De Standaard, 13/02/2013). Read it here (pdf_397kB).


September 2012: Biomonitoring campaign Antwerp

On september 2012, the lab on Environmental and Urban Ecology conducted a biomonitoring campaign in an urban park (stadspark) in Antwerp. Regional television (ATV) came to take a look...


October 2010: Reportage on Baobab as food source

On October 2010, Prof.Dr. Roeland Samson appeared on regional television (ATV) with a reportage on subtropic species (Baobab) as food source.

From 04:20...