Publications in the spotlight

Experimental and computational aerodynamic characterisation of urban trees
Koch Kyra   Samson Roeland   Denys Siegfried  
Biosystems engineering - ISSN 1537-5110-190 (2020) p. 47-57
Characterization of epicuticular wax structures on leaves of urban plant species and its association with leaf wettability
Muhammad Samira   Wuyts Karen   Nuyts Gert   De Wael Karolien   Samson Roeland  
Urban forestry & urban greening - ISSN 1618-8667-47 (2020)
Green infrastructure and atmospheric pollution shape diversity and composition of phyllosphere bacterial communities in an urban landscape
Wuyts Karen   Smets Wenke   Lebeer Sarah   Samson Roeland  
FEMS microbiology: ecology - ISSN 0168-6496-96:1 (2020)
Leaf accumulation of atmospheric dust : biomagnetic, morphological and elemental evaluation using SEM, ED-XRF and HR-ICP-MS
Castanheiro Ana   Hofman Jelle   Nuyts Gert   Joosen Steven   Spassov Simo   Blust Ronny   Lenaerts Silvia   De Wael Karolien   Samson Roeland  
Atmospheric environment : an international journal - ISSN 1352-2310-221 (2020)
Impact of urban street canyon architecture on local atmospheric pollutant levels and magneto-chemical $PM_{10}$ composition : an experimental study in Antwerp, Belgium
Hofman Jelle   Castanheiro Ana   Nuyts Gert   Joosen Steven   Spassov Simon   Blust Ronny   De Wael Karolien   Lenaerts Silvia   Samson Roeland   Spassov Simo  
The science of the total environment - ISSN 0048-9697-712 (2020)

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