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"Engineering management is a specialized form of management that is concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice." - Wikipedia


Engineering management is a broad field of research, ranging from technical and methodological subjects (operations research, ddata mining), via engineering, to management and poilicy aspects (sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, energy and environment). For this reason , the departement Engineering Management consists of five subgroups, that cover together the most important subdomains of the field of Engineering Management:

  1. ANT/OR - Operations Research
  2. Applied Data Mining
    • Focus on mining behavioural data for marketing and risk management applications
    • Senior academic staff member: David Martens
  3. Active Perception Lab
    • Focus on the development of biomimetic sensors
    • Senior academic staff member: Herbert Peremans
  4. Risk Models in Innovation
    • Focus on the discovery of the characteristics of successful and failing projects
    • Senior academic staff member: Johan Braet
  5. Environmental Economics