Environmental Economics Research based education

We are responsible for different courses at master level in the following faculties: (i) Faculty of Business and Economics, (ii) Faculty of Science

Master of Business Engineering, integration profile ‘Sustainability Engineering’:

Master of Environmental Sciences:

Master of Business Engineering:

Advanced system dynamics


We provide different lectures for Phd courses or seminars:

  • PHD seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economics (Belgium, 2013)
  • Risk Management courses (2010, 2013)
  • Summer School Sustainability Evaluation (KU Leuven, 2014)
  • Engineering and Design Science Methodologies (2013, 2015)
  • Sustainability Assessments for the Low-Carbon Economy (UHasselt, UAntwerpen, KU Leuven, 2017)
  • Antwerp Leadership Summerschool (UAntwerpen, 2017)
  • Loss Prevention International Conference at the TUDelft (2019)