Risk Models in Innovation Research team

Professor Johan Braet, departement of Engineering Management and also partly active in the faculty of Design Sciences, Department of Industrial Product Development

Jelle Van Camp (modelling of measurements in the framework of innovation and entrepreneurship)

Jasmine Meysman (modelling and assessment the TTO activities with pitfalls and societal benefits)

Alexander Paternoster (how innovative packaging can bring relief to maintaining the quality of beer during storage and transport)

Lenore Beysen (introduction of causality systems into the risk modelling), Jacobus Van der Bank (integration of life cycle assessment in the new product development)

Despina Gkika (risk modelling of the introduction of nanotechnology in the field of medical devices)

Sven De Vocht (long term influence of educational systems on the degree of entrepreneurship of students)

Joke Anthonissen (LCA on the recycling potential of road pavements)

Matti Buyle (incorporating consequential LCA in the environmental assessment modelling, with a  special application in the building sector)

Collaborations with other Research teams

Sven de Cleyn (faculty of Industrial Sciences - entrepreneurship and innovation and IMEC)

Alexis Jacoby (faculty of design sciences)

Rob (Theo) Linders (faculty of design sciences)

Steve Van Landuyt (faculty of Industrial Engineering)

Pegie Cool (faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry)

Amaryllis Audenaert (faculty of Industrial Engineering, department of building)

Wim Van den Bergh (faculty of Industrial Engineering, department of building)

Johan Truyens (faculty of Social Sciences - risk models)

Magnus Klofsten (University of Linköping, Sweden, Faculty of Entrepreneurship)

Peter Van der Sijde (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, faculty of Social Sciences, Entrepreneurship & Technology)

Jan Cobbenhagen (Universiteit Maastricht, Entrepreneurship, Venturing)

Esther Van Zimmeren (faculty of Law – intellectual property)

Jacques Tempère (faculty of Sciences – Physics Department – Quantum theory, modelling techniques and Econophysics)