Risk Models in Innovation Research topics

The research topics of this research group can be catalogued in 3 major interlinked domains.

A first domain covers measurement systems and risk modelling applied to innovative projects in general and in an entrepreneurial context in particular, with a focus on high tech applications. Specific applications were dealt with in Building, Medical Devices, Electronics, Mechanics, Cleantech and ICT. We looked at all players in the field of innovation and incubation, working within the Triple Helix® concept to enable policy makers as well as industry to use our findings

A second domain –intimately related with the first one- covers the modelling and assessment of environmental impacts (as a part of the overall risk) with a focus on new product development and new industrial processes. In terms of applications major collaborations are developed with the industry and building industry.

A third –more emerging- domain, and again intimately coupled to the first two domains- covers probabilistic risk modelling as such where a broad gamut of applications can be looked at. Given the abstract nature of the risk models, the applications can be multiple (finance, supply chain, disasters, terrorism, insurgency, conflicts, etc.). The research covers also the risk-modelling field as such, as new techniques and methods are applied thanks to the availability of powerful computers and the raising importance of the (risk induced by the) Internet.