Research questions Enviromics

Which typical questions will we help you with?

  •  Why and how is this compound or mixture toxic?
  • What does a pollutant do?
  • How should I classify these compounds under CLP?
  • What is the quantitative (eco)toxicity, e.g. NOEC, ECx?
  • Does my waste water treatment facility efficiently remove toxicity or does it only reduce COD/BOD?
  • How can I finetune my water treatment facility based on biological inputs?
  • How can I restore an impacted aquatic ecosystem?
  • What is the value and quality of an ecosystem? (ecosystem services)
  • What is the level of air pollution and how can I improve this?
  • Can the former be approached catalytically or are there better ways?
  • How can I quickly and efficiently detect specific contaminants and pollutants? (electrochemical biosensors)
  • What is the pollution level in terms of organic and elemental load?
  • What is the pollutant speciation? And can I influence this?

Who are our partners?

The partners in Enviromics have access to a large network of environmental researchers and industries across Europe and beyond. All partners are involved in both national and international projects launched by industry, academia and governments (e.g. European Framework Program).