Short Course Methods in Social Epidemiology


15, 16 & 17 May, 2019 from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

What to expect

In this short course on methods in social epidemiology, experts will treat several topics of this rapidly evolving discipline. Besides of the key note presentations in the morning, the methods sections in the afternoon will make you acquainted with the practical aspects. This course is really a must for all scholars working in public health and epidemiological research.


The course will be organized on the City Campus of the University of Antwerp. This campus is easily accessible by public transport. 

We have a different room for each day, so please check carefully where you need to be!

  • 15/05/2019: W. Elsschotzaal in Hof Van Liere - Prinsstraat 13b, 2000 Antwerp
  • 16/05/2019: Room E.201, in building E - Grote Kauwenberg 2, 2000 Antwerp - you need to pass the sport hall to reach the classrooms
  • 17/05/2019: Prentenkabinet in Hof Van Liere - Prinsstraat 13b, 2000 Antwerp


Sanne Berwaerts