Facility for flow cytometry and cell sorting

Introduction to flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique for the analysis of multiple parameters of individual cells within heterogeneous populations. Four-to six-color experiments are commonly used. In our facility, one is able to distinguish up to 10 colors simultaneously.
The flow cytometer performs this analysis within a short period of time (average time frame is seconds to minutes) on a large number of cells (104 – 106) in suspension. For this, cells are passed through a laser beam – one by one – and light that emerges from each cell is captured as it passes through. Scatter- and fluorescence signals from these cells are detected by the optical system. These data can be analyzed by flow cytometry software to report cellular characteristics such as size, complexity, phenotype and health.

Possible applications:

  • Analysis of membrane and intracellular antigens by means of immune fluorescence
  • Cell cycle analysis and analysis of DNA ploidy
  • Analysis of cell proliferation and cell death
  • Absolute or relative cell counts
  • Membrane potential
  • Phagocytosis
  • Monitoring of gene transfer
  • Intracellular Ca2+ and pH response after stimulation
  • Etc.

Analytical Equipment

Sorting Equipment 

Terms of use 


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