Research program

 The research program of the Government and Law research group is centered on legitimate governance in a diverse, complex and globalized environment.

Central research questions concern the impact of legal, political and social developments

  • on the legal concept of government,
  • on the operation of and relations between state and non-state actors in governance,
  • on fundamental principles such as democracy, rule of law, federalism, solidarity and multilevel governance,
  • and on the protection of persons against arbitrary government action.

Our core question is: now that societies are confronted with diffuse sources of (government) power and a wide diversity of governance actors on the one hand, and upsurges of nationalism and populism on the other, how can we safeguard constitutional values to protect individuals, and in particular vulnerable groups?

The group combines legal-doctrinal analysis with a broad variety of methods from and collaboration with other disciplines. In particular, the group is embedded in interdisciplinary research centers such as the GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence, the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS), Antwerp Tax Academy and Metropolitan Legal Lab