Vacancies crisis governance & trust

The GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence, together with the research groups Politics & Public Governance and Government & Law, is looking to fill three vacancies in the field of crisis governance and trust.

Are you interested in studying how the EU and national, regional, and local governments reacted, coordinated, and adapted to big crises like the COVID 19 crisis; how these actors use expert and lay information to make decisions; and how the governance of crisis affects the trust of society in democracy, the rule of law and fundamental values? We are looking to hire a postdoctoral researcher and two PhD researchers for 3 years. The successful applicants will join and support the two new complementary Horizon Europe projects in which we are involved: ‘Robust Crisis Governance in Turbulent Times – Mindset, Evidence, Strategies’ (ROBUST) and ‘Legitimate Crisis Management and Multi-level Governance’ (LEGITIMULT).

Vacancies we are looking to fill are: (click on the weblinks to find out more about each position, the profile we are looking for and our offer)

  • Postdoctoral researcher (80-100%) for research in and coordination of the UAntwerp contribution to two Horizon Europe projects on the governance of crises. The position involves (1) conducting research on the topic of governance responses from different levels of government and their effect on trust in democracy and the rule of law and (2) day-to-day coordination of two PhD researchers involved in the ROBUST and LEGITIMULT projects and assistance in the coordination of the UAntwerp work packages of these two projects. – application deadline: August 15th, 2022
  • PhD researcher (100% scholarship) for the ROBUST project about robust governance of crises in Europe. The position involves conducting research leading to a PhD on how the EU, governments, and local actors make sense of and learn from crises, design, mix and adopt measures and policies to deal with the crises, and the effects on democracy and fundamental values. – application deadline: August 15th, 2022
  • PhD researcher (100% scholarship) for the LEGITIMULT project about federalism, multilevel governance and trust. The position involves conducting research leading to a PhD on the topic of how pandemic response measures taken at various levels of government have affected citizens’ trust in multilevel systems. – application deadline: August 1st, 2022

Unexpected crises in turbulent times pose significant challenges to public governance and call for robust crisis governance. The ROBUST project investigates how European societies can harness flexible adaptation and proactive innovation to deliver effective crisis responses. By studying three recent crises (the financial, refugee, and COVID-19 crises), the ROBUST project aims to set in motion a paradigm shift from 'resilience' ('bouncing back') to 'robustness' ('building back better') as the central principle of future crisis governance.

The LEGITIMULT project assesses the impact of the pandemic measures taken by various international, national, and subnational governments on multi-level institutions and intergovernmental relations. LEGITIMULT analyses the effect of these measures on democratic governance, looking for a new model of legitimate crisis management.