GaP lectures

GaP lectures


May 23, 15h (R.225). Talk by Geert Brône (KULeuven): “How eye gaze, speech and gesture synchronize to construe multimodal microphenomena”

April 25, 15h (R.225). Talk by Daniel Van Olmen (Lancaster University): "The imperative in English and Dutch: A three-fold methodological approach to its usage"

March 28, 13.00h (R.225). Talk by Dámaso Izquierdo (UAntwerpen): “Non-firsthand or general indirect evidentials: do they actually exist? Three case studies"

February 21, 13.00h (R.225). Talk by Astrid De Wit (ULB): “The epistemic import of aspectual constructions: The case of performatives”

January 31, 15.00h (City Campus, room R.012). Talk by Johan van der Auwera: "Englishes, English creoles and their Negative Indefinites".



December 13, 15.30 (City Campus, room C.207). Talk by María Sol Sansiñena: "¡Que te lo preste! Subjunctive free-standing que-clauses as displaced directives’.  

November 8, 15.00h (City Campus, Room C.207). Talk by David Correia Saveedra: "A quantitative approach to the measurement of grammaticalization"

October 11, 15.00h (City Campus, Room A.205). Talk by Patrick Dendale: "What is evidence in the study of evidentiality?". Discussant: Bert Cornillie (KULeuven).

June 14, 13.30h (City Campus). Talk by Laura Devlesschouwer: "Questioning the Explicit Cancelability of Scalar Implicatures"

May 17, 13.30h, C.205 (City Campus). Talk by Louise Cummings: "Is there a role for pragmatics in clinical diagnosis?"

April  19, 13.30h, R.213 (City Campus). Talk by Alena Anishchanka on "Experimental and corpus-derived evidence for color term basicness: bridging the disciplinary divide".

March 15, 13.30h, C.201 (City Campus). Talk by Frank Brisard & Astrid De Wit on "The epistemic meaning of the progressive".

February 22, 13.30h, R005 (City Campus). Talk by Bram Vertommen on "Coding association scenes: a case-study of Dutch-Turkish and Dutch-Moroccan Arabic bilinguals in the Netherlands".


November 23, 13.30h, C-207. Talk by Peter Petré on "The Dynamics of Patterns and Constructions".

October 27, Ricardo Maldonado (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): "Metonymic syntactic transfers"

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