16th International Pragmatics Conference

The 16th International Pragmatics Conference will be held from 9 to 14 June 2019 in Hong Kong. 

For more information, visit the official site of the conference.


IPrA Conferences

So far, fifteen International Pragmatics Conferences have been held, the first one being a precursor to the actual founding of the International Pragmatics Association.

All these conferences were organized from the University of Antwerp (and two of them at the university)

  • Viareggio, Italy, September 1985 [special theme: on the issue of coherence in a theory of pragmatics]
  • Antwerp, Belgium, 17-22 August 1987 [on intercultural and international communication]
  • Barcelona, Spain, 9-13 July 1990 [with a focus on social issues]
  • Kobe, Japan, 25-30 July 1993 [connecting social and cognitive issues]
  • Mexico City, Mexico, 4-9 July 1996 [on conversation]
  • Reims, France, 19-24 July 1998 [on language and ideology]
  • Budapest, Hungary, 9-14 July 2000 [on cognition and language use]
  • Toronto, Canada, 13-18 July 2003 [on linguistic pluralism]
  • Riva del Garda, Italy, 10-15 July 2005 [on pragmatics and philosophy]
  • Göteborg, Sweden, 8-13 July 2007 [on language data, corpora, and computational pragmatics]
  • Melbourne, Australia, 12-17 July 2009 [diversity, context, and structure]
  • Manchester, United Kingdom, 3-8 July 2011 [pragmatics and its interfaces]
  • New Delhi, India, 8-13 September 2013 [narrative pragmatics]
  • Antwerp, Belgium, 26-31 July 2015 [language and adaptability]
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland, 16-21 July 2017 [pragmatics in the real world]