This is an overview of GaP members' key publications: 

De Malsche, F., & Cornips, L. (2021). Examining interspecies interactions in light of discourse analytic theory: A case study on the genre of human-goat communication at a petting farm. Language & Communication, 79, 53-70.

​Fernández, S. P., Gras, P., & Brisard, F. (2021). Semantic polyfunctionality and constructional networks: On insubordinate subjunctive complement constructions in Spanish. Constructions and Frames, 13(1), 82-125.

Gras, P., Galiana, P., & Rosado, E. (2021). Modal and Discourse Marking in L1 & L2 Spanish: A Comparative Analysis of Oral Narratives. Corpus Pragmatics, 5(1), 63-94.

Gras, P., Östman, J., & Verschueren, J. (2020). Form and Meaning in Language, Volume III: Papers on Linguistic Theory and Constructions. Stanford: Centre for the Study of Language & Information.