Mohamed El Boujjoufi is an urban architect and researcher in urban sociology and architecture. He is convinced that the urban planning, the environment, the appropriate use of spaces, and the interaction with the users have a dynamic that deserves to be analyzed in depth. Approaching the question from thisangle sheds new light on the links and exchanges that exist between populations and their environments. After working within the LEMA research group at the University of Liege (Belgium), where he worked on several topics: such as the socio-spatial insertion of mosques in European cities and the impact of cultural practices on the urban planning of cities. He also developed new methods for a more horizontal and participatory involvement of citizens in the planning of cities and spaces. He recently joined the HVDV team to work with Prof. Dr. Nathalie Vallet on the European project "UrbiNat" involving 7 European cities (Nantes, Porto, Sofia, Bruxelles, Siena, Høje-Taastrup & Nova Gorica). His work consists of developing a new instrument to assess the socio-economic impact of urban interventions using healthy corridors and nature-based solutions.