‚ÄčIn the past decade, the disruptive technology of AI and machine learning has transformed industries. Every year, the number of intelligent devices being used in business-critical applications is on the rise. IDLab research group is also making leaps and bounds in the domain. Our AI researchers, computer scientists and engineers are specialized and have experience in a wide variety of application areas:

Perception and representation

Humans experience the world through their senses, and are capable of solving complex problems through internally processing these inputs into high-level concepts. In this area we aim at achieving a similar behavior in machines. We study how we can optimally perceive the world through utilizing high dimensional inputs such as images, videos and sound and transform them into useful representations. These representations can then be used in order to tackle all kinds of complex problems.

Resource-aware AI

AI typically is associated with requiring enormous amounts of computational power. However to make AI ubiquitous available resource utilization needs to be taken into account when designing AI systems. In this area we design highly performing AI systems which can be deployed using only a fraction of the typically required resources.

Advanced control systems

The world is filled with systems which require highly intelligent behavior in order to control. Think for example of the numerous training hours required to fly an airplane or steer a ship. In this area we develop systems that are autonomously capable of learning complex behaviors from interaction with (simulated) environments. Resulting solutions often outperform manually designed systems and even human performance.