Bachelor courses

IDLab provides bachelor courses on a variety of topics in both the Factulty of Science and Faculty of Applied Engineering.

Faculty of Science

A degree in Computer Science at the University of Antwerp corresponds with competent computer scientists with a scientific background. After obtaining the degree such students will be able to (a) adopt new technological developments in the respective disciplines within computer science; (b) exploit these developments where applicable in their professional context; (c) when required, make original contributions to the further development of the discipline. The bachelor of Computer Science is not a final degree. These objectives are therefore only partly realised.

Faculty of Applied Engineering

We train industrial engineers for the 21st century: they are at the same time technology expert, researcher, teamworker and citizen.

In our bachelor's programme, students start working with course units from day one in the graduation direction of their choice. In addition, they are offered a solid common and broad education with all aspects of the engineering profession. 

The involvement of industry in our programmes and reach is a great asset for graduating industrial engineers. The work field was not only consulted in compiling the programme and defining the learning outcomes, it also continues to play an active role throughout the entire programme.