Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology (CBH)

The Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology (led by prof. Jean-Pierre Timmermans) has a longstanding research track record in studying the autonomic nervous system in the gut and the lung. Recently, the study of the CNS via live cell imaging of neuronal networks was added. Finally, there is a research line on the human papilloma virus (HPV) and its role in cancer.

The Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology also functions as a core facility for microscopic imaging and harbors the newest instrumentation covering all aspects of microscopic imaging at the cellular and tissue level.

Advanced microscopy

  • transmission electron microscopes (TEM)
  • including cryoTEM tomography
  • scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • two spinning disc confocal (live cell) imaging systems
  • laser scanning imaging microscope
  • laser capture micro dissection system
  • immunohistochemistry lab and light microscopy

Additional techniques

  • fully-equipped molecular biology lab
  • electrophysiology set-up

More detailed information on the research can be found on the website of the Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology.