Live cell imaging

Live cell / tissue slice microscopy imaging

The laboratory of Cell Biology and Histology has two high-speed imaging spinning disc confocal microscopes (UltraVIEW ERS and ULltra VIEW Vox of PerkinElmer) for live cell imaging. Both systems are equipped with sufficient laser lines and filters to visualize standard fluorochromes (including FRET and FRAP techniques). Furthermore, a perfusion chamber can be mounted on both systems and in addition the Ultra VIEW Vox is equipped with a climate chamber that allows for live cell or tissue imaging in user-specified conditions. 

Currently, live cell imaging of primary neuronal cultures is performed and used for basic research and as a medium-throughput screening platform.

Electrophysiology techniques

The molecular biology techniques can be further complemented by electrophysiology. At the CBH laboratory equipment and expertise for conventional electrophysiology, intracellular recording, patch clamp and voltage clamp is available.

Molecular Biology techniques

In addition, most conventional molecular biology tools are available.