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Key publications

Adherence to HIV post exposure prophylaxis : a multivariate regression analysis of a 5 years prospective cohort
Malinverni Stefano   Gennotte Anne-Françoise   Schuster Monica   De Wit Stéphane   Mols Pierre   Libois Agnès  
The journal of infection - ISSN 0163-4453-76:1 (2018) p. 78-85
The Rwenzururu kinship question and its aftermath
Doornbos M.   Syahuku A.   Titeca Kristof  
The Rwenzururu Movement in Uganda : struggling for recognition / Doornbos, Martin-p. 187-210
Silencing agency in Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) by essentializing a neoliberal Monster into Being: A Response to Fletcher & Büschers PES Conceit
Van Hecken Gert   Kolinjivadi V.   Windey Catherine   McElwee P.   Shapiro-Garza E.   Huybrechs Frédéric   Bastiaensen Johan  
Ecological economics - ISSN 0921-8009-144 (2018) p. 314-318
Beyond the short versus long accountability route dichotomy : using multi-track accountability pathways to study performance of rural water services in Uganda
Dewachter Sara   Holvoet Nathalie   Kuppens Miet   Molenaers Nadia  
World development - ISSN 0305-750X-102 (2018) p. 158-169
Not your average job : measuring farm labor in Tanzania
Arthi Vellore   Beegle Kathleen   De Weerdt Joachim   Palacios-López Amparo  
Journal of development economics - ISSN 0304-3878-130 (2018) p. 160-172
Is informalization equalizing? Evidence from Kinshasa
De Herdt Tom   Marivoet Wim  
Journal of contemporary African studies - ISSN 0258-9001-36:1 (2018) p. 121-142
Gender, sexuality, and violence in humanitarian crises
Hilhorst Dorothea   Porter Holly   Gordon Rachel  
2018,158 p.
Gender, sexuality, and violence in humanitarian crises
Hilhorst Dorothea   Porter Holly   Gordon Rachel  
Disasters - ISSN 0361-3666-42:S1 (2018) p. S3-S16
Resilient patriarchy : public authority and women's (in)security in Karamoja, Uganda
Hopwood Julian   Porter Holly   Saum Nangiro  
Disasters - ISSN 0361-3666-42:S1 (2018) p. S140-S158
Mau Mau crucible of war : statehood, national identity, and politics of postcolonial Kenya
Kuppens Line  
African affairs - ISSN 0001-9909- (2018)

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