Analysing Performance- Based Financing through the Lenses of the Principal-Agent Theory

Dimitri Renmans, Elisabeth Paul and Bruno Dujardin
IOB working paper 2016.14

We approach Performance-Based Financing (PBF) through the lenses of the Principal-Agent theory to critically analyse PBF and elucidate the principal elements, main challenges and possible pitfalls.

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Sustainable development: Challenge or chimera?

Jan Pronk
IOB working paper 2016.13

This paper is based on an invited lecture at the occasion of the opening of the academic year at IOB, University of Antwerp (September 12, 2016)

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Echec de la transformation du CNDD-FDD du mouvement rebelle en parti politique au Burundi: une question d'équilibre entre le changement et la continuité

Gervais Rufyikiri
IOB working paper 2016.12

Depuis son accession au pouvoir après les élections de 2005, le CNDD-FDD a été constamment critiqué pour la mauvaise gouvernance du Burundi tandis que le comportement de ses dirigeants faisait penser à une continuité des pratiques du maquis. 

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Failure of rebel movement-to-political party transformation of the CNDD-FDD in Burundi: an issue of balance between change and continuity

Gervais Rufyikiri
IOB working paper 2016.11

Since its accession to power following the 2005 elections, the CNDD-FDD has been continuously criticized for Burundi governance setbacks while its leaders’ behavior suggested a maquis practice continuity. 

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Rélocation, réorientation, ou confrontation? Aperçus à partir d'un sondage représentatif des mineurs artisanaux à Kamituga, Sud-Kivu

Nik Stoop, Janvier Kilosho Buraye, Marijke Verpoorten
IOB working paper 2016.10

Le site des mines d’or de Kamituga au Sud-Kivu, est caractérisé par une coexistence tendue entre Banro, une multinationale minière basée au Canada, et un grand nombre de mineurs artisanaux qui opèrent dans les concessions de la compagnie. 

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Relocation, reorientation, or confrontation? Insights from a representative survey among artisanal miners in Kamituga, South-Kivu

Nik Stoop, Janvier Kilosho Buraye and Marijke Verpoorten
IOB working paper 2016.09

The gold mining site of Kamituga in South-Kivu, is characterized by a tense co-existence between Banro, a Canadian mining company, and a large number of artisanal miners who operate in the company’s concessions.

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Grand Corruption in Burundi: a collective action problem which poses major challenges for governance reforms

Gervais Rufyikiri
IOB working paper 2016.08

This study contributes to understanding the extent of corruption in Burundi, and its consequences for political and economic governance.

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Corruption au Burundi: problème d'action collective et défi majeur pour la gouvernance

Gervais Rufyikiri
IOB working paper 2016.07

L’objectif de la présente étude est de contribuer à la compréhension de l’ampleur de la corruption et de ses conséquences sur la gestion politique et économique au Burundi. Il ressort de notre analyse que la corruption au Burundi pendant ces dix dernières années était très forte et systémique.

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Exploring the social accountability concept a literature review

Miet Kuppens
IOB working paper 2016.06

Increasing pressure on governments to demonstrate accountability and transparency has contributed to a multiplication of social accountability initiatives that aim to improve public accountability by strengthening civic engagement and good governance through a myriad of tools such as citizen monitoring or SMS-based complaint systems.

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Hybrid governance in mining  concessions in Ghana

Sara Geenen
IOB working paper 2016.05

This report is part of my research project (FWO postdoctoral fellowship) on ‘hybrid governance in mining concessions in Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’, which proposes to study the impact of transnational mining companies’ activities in African mining areas in a novel fashion.

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Towards a Diagnostic Tool for Assessing the Monitoring and Evaluation System of Climate Change Programs

Saudia Rahat and Nathalie Holvoet
IOB working paper 2016.04

This paper contributes to the dialogue on monitoring and evaluating climate change programs by examining the existing literature as it pertains to the core requirements of a generic M&E system and highlighting the nuances for monitoring and evaluating climate change programs.

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Inter-ethnic trust in the aftermath of mass violence: insights from large-N life histories

Marijke Verpoorten and Bert Ingelaere
IOB working paper 2016.03

We study the changes in inter-ethnic trust in Rwanda, in the period 1989-2011, bracketing genocide and other forms of violence. We rely on a combination of quantitative and narrative analysis of over 400 individual life histories in which inter-ethnic trust was systematically coded.

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"We're in this together": Changing intra-household decision making for more cooperative smallholder farming

Els Lecoutere and Laurence Jassogne
IOB working paper 2016.02

Conceptualising smallholder farming households as collective action institutions, that make interrelated decisions about investment, resource use and allocation in a common household farm, may contribute to understanding widely observed uncooperative outcomes, such as yield gaps, gender gaps in productivity, suboptimal or Pareto inefficient sustainable intensification and climate change adaptation.

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In need of a guardian angel Preserving the gains of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Burundi

Stef Vandeginste
IOB working paper 2016.01

The Arusha Agreement of 28 August 2000 is an important stake of the ongoing crisis in Burundi. This paper analyses Burundi’s Arusha Agreement based achievements and suggests how they may be better protected through existing but strengthened institutional mechanisms.

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