Towards a Diagnostic Tool for Assessing the Monitoring and Evaluation System of Climate Change Programs

Saudia Rahat and Nathalie Holvoet
IOB working paper 2016.04

This paper contributes to the dialogue on monitoring and evaluating climate change programs by examining the existing literature as it pertains to the core requirements of a generic M&E system and highlighting the nuances for monitoring and evaluating climate change programs. The nuances are examined in the context of the two pillars of climate change, that is, mitigation and adaptation. Areas of convergence and departures for monitoring and evaluation between mitigation and adaptation as well as these two areas and a generic M&E system for a development program are noted in the paper. The research culminates in a checklist
of questions (diagnostic tool) that are instructive when assessing or even designing an M&E system for climate change programs. The diagnostic tool is known to be the first of its kind for the climate change field and to promote adequate validation it was tested in the field. The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), which is based in Belize, coordinates a Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change in the Caribbean 2009-2015, its supporting Implementation Plan (IP) (2011-2021) and a regional Monitoring and Evaluation Instrument (MEI) (CCCCC, 2012). The application of the diagnostic tool to the MEI
also highlighted changes required to enhance the functionality and sustainability of the MEI.

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