Relocation, reorientation, or confrontation? Insights from a representative survey among artisanal miners in Kamituga, South-Kivu

Nik Stoop, Janvier Kilosho Buraye and Marijke Verpoorten
IOB working paper 2016.09

The gold mining site of Kamituga in South-Kivu, is characterized by a tense co-existence between Banro, a Canadian mining company, and a large number of artisanal miners who operate in the company’s concessions. This co-existence will be put to the test as Banro further develops its activities. To assess what the future may bring, we study the profile of artisanal miners and their coping mechanisms. Relying on a structured survey among a representative sample of artisanal miners, we address three specific questions:
• Are artisanal miners willing to relocate their mining activities?
• Can they reorient towards other economic activities?
• To what extent may the tension between both modes of production give rise to (violent) confrontations?

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