Sub-Saharan Migrants' life conditions in Morocco in light of migration policy changes

Imane Bendra
Working paper 2019.01


Reinforced security at the European Union borders led many migrants from sub-Saharan countries to settle in Morocco. For years, Morocco’s migration policy has adopted a security approach towards irregular migration through the containment, mistreatment and deportation of migrants. However, on 9 September 2013 the government announced a new National Strategy for Immigration and Asylum (NSIA) whereby a more human approach to migration would be adopted. The NSIA aimed to ensure equal opportunities for the migrants, improve their access to economic, cultural and political rights, and change the perception of migration in society. The article looks at the reasons behind the change in Morocco’s migration policy. It further explores, through migrants’ and Non-governmental organisation perceptions, how migrants’ status (illegality/legality) and the socio-political conditions within the country affect their potential integration or/and exclusion. This paper concludes with policy recommendations to improve the migration policy and migrants’ living conditions. 

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