Source-based writing in a foreign language

Friday 30 November 2018
University of Antwerp, City Campus Room A202, 9h30 until 12h30
Organisation: M. Leijten, I. Schrijver, E. Tobback, L. Vangehuchten

Main topic
Knowing how to write in a foreign language on the basis of multiple sources is a bare necessity for academically trained professionals. Today’s society is characterized by a continuous stream of information in which professionals need to be able to swiftly locate the relevant information in a plethora of sources and critically summarize that information.
Scientific research into this topic is in full swing (Nas & Van Esch, 2014; Ruiz-Funes, 2015). Recent data from our own research (Leijten, M. et al., under review) indicate the importance to distinguish between source-based writing in the mother tongue (L1), in the second language (L2; the student is exposed to this language outside of the classroom as well) and the foreign language (FL; the student is not exposed to this language outside of the classroom). The goal of this workshop is to acquire further insight into the variables that characterize source-based writing in the FL as opposed to source-based writing in the L1 and L2.

Programme (pdf - 552 Kb)