Robby Vanspauwen

I work as a clinical scientist in the European Institute for ORL-HNS of the Sint-Augustinus Hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. After my studies in Biomedical Sciences, I obtained my PhD in the field of vestibular testing and space motion sickness. Since 2009, I am together with my colleagues Dr. Cathérine Blaivie (MD) and Prof. Floris Wuyts (PhD) primarly responsible for the clinical and scientific output of the vestibular clinic in the European Institute, where I am also head of the audiology team. Very recently (end of 2020), I've started also as a post doc researcher in the Lab of Equilibrium and Aerospace (LEIA) at the University of Antwerp. My current research interests are in the field of vestibular testing, in the newly developed MRI hydrops imaging and in pioneering work with respect to vestibular implant (colloboration with a European Research consortium). In 2011, I started lecturing at the Thomas More College and since the end of 2016 I am associate editor for the Journal of International Advanced Otology