Steven Jillings

I am a biomedical scientist with a background in neuroscience. I completed my Master's thesis at LEIA and under supervision of prof. Wuyts in 2016 and continued as a PhD student for the following 4-years. During my PhD, I worked on the BRAIN-DTI project to investigate structural and functional brain changes after spaceflight. I completed a joint PhD program between the University of Antwerp (UA) and the University of Liège (Ulg) under the supervision of prof. Floris Wuyts, as well as Dr. Angelique Van Ombergen (UA), for the domain of spaceflight, and under supervision of Dr. Ben Jeurissen (UA) and Dr. Athena Demertzi (Ulg) for the domain of MRI. Currently, I am extending the work on the BRAIN-DTI project as a post-doctoral researcher.