Law and Development self-identification

‘Law and development’, a field that once enjoyed strong momentum in research and policy-making, appears today to have broadened its scope but also to have become increasingly fragmented across various areas of law, including human rights law, law and governance, investment and trade law, environmental law, security law and socio-legal research. Moreover, many scholars that conduct research on ‘law and development’ do not self-identify as such. In 2016, Åbo Akademi University, the Flemish Inter-University Research Network on Law and Development, Free University Berlin, Tilburg  University, Van Vollenhoven Institute - Leiden University, the University of Warwick and the Law and Development Research Group of the University of Antwerp, at the latter’s initiative, organized the conference ‘Law and Development Research: Past, Present and Future’ to examine the state of the art of ‘law and development’ research in Europe. In 2017, the ‘Human Rights and Development Conference Days: A View from the Global South’ were organized. On this occasion, the Law and Development Research Network was formally launched, with the Law and Development Research Group as one of the founding institutions.