African Peace Agreement Database

This database explores the human rights aspects of power-sharing peace agreements in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The principle investigators in this research, Dr. Sahla Aroussi and Dr. Stef Vandeginste have studied 82 peace agreements from 20 African countries looking at the nature and pattern of the human rights provisions included in power-sharing deals signed since the end of the cold war in 1989 to 2011.

Power Sharing Agreements

The methodology employed by the authors is that of content analysis. The results of this investigation support the idea that human rights are increasingly becoming a common feature of power sharing agreements. In line with other research in the fields of transitional justice and women, peace and security the data provides supporting evidence that references to justice and gender issues, broadly defined, in negotiated settlements are remarkably increasing. 

The data also shows that references to human rights in the texts of peace agreements vary to a great extent in terms of the type of human rights provisions, the level of the commitments and the number of details or implementation mechanisms included. A discussion of the results of this research and an analysis of their implications is provided in the forthcoming article by the authors entitled 'When interests meet norms: The Relevance of Human Rights for Peace and Power-Sharing' in a special issue of The International Journal of Human Rights on Law, Power-sharing and Human Rights. 


The information contained in this database has been posted in good faith for use by other researchers and academics. While the authors have made considerable efforts to verify the data and present accurate and reliable information, the database remains a work in progress. In this regard the authors welcome any suggestions or comments aimed at improving the quality of this work. For any correspondences regarding the data please email Dr Sahla Aroussi: and Dr. Stef Vandeginste:    


Dr. Stef Vandeginste, Lecturer, Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB)