1. PhD projects LEMP

  • De associatie tussen slaapgerelateerde ademhalingsstoornissen en het metabool syndroom bij obese kinderen. Kim Van Hoorenbeeck
  • Medecine induced hypomagnesemia: role of TRPM6 and EGF.  Kristien Ledeganck
  • Primary prevention of atopic diseases with prebiotics and the role of microbial intestinal flora. Eva Peirsman
  • Pathogenesis  of visceral hypersensitivity in a post-inflmmatory stress-associated colitis model in rat. Annemie Deiteren
  • The therapeutic potential of a long-term treatment with worm proteins in a chronic colitis model in mice: study of the underlying immunological mechanisms. Marthe Heylen
  • Interaction between bladder and bowel: study of the physiology and evaluation of the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic implications.  Michel Wyndaele
  • Obesity, the metabolic syndrome and liver disease. An Verrijken
  • Endocrine disrupting environmental chemicals: from accumulation to their role in the global neuro-endocrine epidemic of obesity and its metabolic consequences. Eveline Dirinck
  • Endothelial progenitor cells in the critically ill patient. Sabrina Van Ierssel
  • Validatie van de respiratoire kinesitherapie door middel van medische functionele beeldvorming. Kris Ides
  • De effectiviteit van een  interdisciplinair revalidatieprogramma bij COPD patienten in de eerste lijn. Glenn Leemans
  • Endothelial disfunction as a link between chronic kidney insufficiency and cardiovascular risk? Amaryllis Van Craenenbroeck
  • Obesity in adolescents; determinants of endothelial disfunction en reversibility. Luc Bruyndonckx
  • Characterisation and modulation of the enteric neuro-immune environment during endotoxin-induces ileus. Sara Nullens
  • Study of the intrahepatic resistance and its determinants in a rat model of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease ( NAFLD). Wilhelmus Kwanten

2. Other projects LEMP