Past PhD Theses from our lab

Patient Pyana Pati (16/05/2014)
Isolation and drug sensitivity profiling of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense from cured and relapsed sleeping sickness patients.
Manu Vanaerschot (19/12/2011)
In vitro susceptibility of Leishmania donovani to antimonials and effector mechanisms of the macrophage.
Martha Deschacht (16/12/2011)
Optimisation and validation of EPR techniques for ex vivo quantification of oxidative stress in intracellular infections.
Vanessa Adui (10/10/2011)
Molecular epidemiological approach to the understanding of the emergence and spreading of drug resistance in Neotropical Leishmania)
Ely Bénéré (28/09/2011)
Study of the gastro-intestinal mucosal response and oxidative stress upon infection with Giardia duodenalis.
Kelly de Wit (30/06/2011)
In vitro en in vivo pharmacological evaluation of a novel class of antifungal agents.
Inocencio da Luz RA (13/05/2011)
In vitro tools to monitor drug susceptibility and dynamics of drug resistance in field isolates of Leishmania donovani and L. infantum. 
Marieke Vermeersch (29/10/2009)
Action mechanism and pharmacodynamics of the triterpene saponin px-6518, a novel antileishmania lead structure.
Kim Toté (10/09/2009)
Development of discriminatory biofilm models for the evaluation of antimicrobial agents.