Troubleyn/Jan Fabre

Belgium based theatre director and visual artist Jan Fabre developed a performance language which is heavily indebted to a biomedical discourse. Placing great importance on the balance of the body, the use of the joints, the articulation of head, trunk and limbs, the tension of the muscles and on working with a transfer of weight, he searches for an expression that takes the physical condition of the performer as a starting point. In 2012 Fabre approached the M²OCEAN consortium with the question if we could find a way to describe and quantify the motor control and movement coordination of his performing artists. This led to an interesting collaboration between theater sciences and movement sciences, exploring the performance of the performer.  The research is framed within the European research platform Labo21: An interdisciplinary research on artistic methodology. M²OCEAN and Troubleyn/Jan Fabre are also partners of an IWT - CICI project A body of Knowledge that aims to develop a pedagogical tool to visualise and communicate Fabre's performative language. 

This research is performed in collaboration between

Scene from Fabre

Scene from the power of theatrical madness (Jan Fabre)