The mission of enterprise engineering

The CIAO! Enterprise Engineering Network is a community of academics and practitioners who strive to contribute to the development of the discipline of Enterprise Engineering (EE), and to apply it in practice. The long term aim is to develop a holistic and general systems theory based understanding on how to (re)design and run enterprises effectively.

The ambition is therefore to gather and develop a consistent and coherent set of theories, models and associated methods that: enable enterprises to reflect, in a systematic way, on how to realise improvements; and assist them, in practice, in achieving their aspirations.
In doing so, sound empirical and scientific foundations should underlie all efforts and all organisational aspects that are relevant should be considered, while combining already existing knowledge from the scientific fields of information systems, software engineering, management science, organisational sciences, as well as philosophy, semiotics and sociology, amongst others.

To this end, the network regularly organises events such as the Enterprise Engineering Working Conference and associated Doctoral Consortium to drive the promotion and development of the enterprise engineering body of knowledge.

Further information can be found on the CIAO! website.