Competence Centre: Management, culture and policy

The competence center “Management, culture and policy” specializes in different types of management and policy research of the cultural and creative sectors. Recent research topics are: management of heritage depots, international cultural policy, cultural diversity, cultural governance, opportunities for public private partnerships, residency policy, the impact of subsidies on the artist and artistic organizations, creative cities, … For the research on creative industries there is a close collaboration with the Knowledge Centre Creative Industries of Flanders DC (Antwerp Management School).

Since 1999 the center organizes the master program “Cultural Management”. From 2010 onwards students can choose between a major ‘Arts’ and a major ‘Cultural industries’. In this way, we want to meet the new social developments and needs of the cultural sector and society.

We believe our graduates and researchers contribute to the professionalization of the cultural and creative sectors. Especially in economic turbulent times, managerial creativity and entrepreneurship is needed, also because policy makers demand higher quality standards of the cultural managers. Sponsors are expecting results and a return on their investment. Moreover private initiatives for cultural production and services are growing.

Research Topics: Competence Centre: Management, Culture and Policy 
•Cultural policy
•Cultural management
•Creative and cultural industries
•Heritage studies
•Strategic management
•Financial management
•Communication management
•Corporate social responsibility
•Cultural entrepreneurship
•Innovation management
•Creative cities

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