Competence Center: Multilingual Professional Communication

The competence center “Professional Communication” specializes in different types of writing research. The main focus is on the use of digital media in an organizational context. To observe professional writers in an unobtrusive way, the group developed a logging program, called Inputlog ( Another line of research deals with topics in the teaching of professional communication. In this educational context Calliope ( was developed, an online multilingual writing center, introducing a variety of genres in business and technical communication

The competence center also organizes the interdisciplinary master program “Multilingual Professional Communication”, a joint venture between the Arts and the Economic Faculty of the University of Antwerp. More information on this program is available on the MPC website.

Research Topics: Competence Centre: Multilingual Professional Communication 

  • bounded growth models
  • cognitive models of writing processes
  • digital communication
  • discourse studies
  • information discovery
  • journalism studies
  • linguistic ethnography
  • media studies
  • professional communication
  • semantic analysis
  • tools and methods in writing research
  • writing from multiple (digital) sources (fwo)
  • writing and digital media
  • writing processes
  • writing processes and speech recognition 
  • writing research