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HRM & Labor law
The course takes a closer look at how to make people (labor) contribute to a competitive organization, both from a theoretical as from practical viewpoint. The course highlights the function of labor law within the different aspects of HRM, such as recruitment and selection, employment contracts en the role of social partners.

Social Security Law
The course focuses on the social security’s range of application, funding and administrative structures, all against the background of its genesis. Two themes are at the heart of the course: a methodological study of the wage supplements – i.e. health service contributions and family income supplements and wage substitutes in case of illness or accident in general law versus industrial accidents and occupational diseases, in case of unemployment and in the form of a retirement or survivor’s pension. The social security arrangements for employees, self-employed and civil servants are studied.

Introduction to Law

The aim of the course is to familiarize the student with law as a mean to organize the society. This course mainly focuses on private law and social law (as a mixed branch of law). Further, this course provides a limited introduction into criminal law. The main issue is to offer the students a broad insight in several branches and their fundamentals, using a number of specific examples that show that even students themselves are exposed to law issues on a daily basis.


Political Sciences Seminar (BA Political Science)
The Political Sciences Seminar has a double focus. Students are supposed to get acquainted with the topic of the seminar (which changes on annual basis) and should also train a number of academic skills, such as identifying an academic reasoning in a text, synthesize academic literature, and writing a small academic paper on an individual basis.

Public Administration (BA Political Science)
This course studies how the apparatus of government is organized, which role it fulfills in society and how politicians, together with the apparatus, govern society. It explores how government and public administration work and evolve, and addresses also some important topics in public administration such as political-administrative relation, policy implementation, institutional fragmentation and policy networks, local government and public management.


Student Research Political Science (BA Political Science)
The students research is a practical course in which students learn to perform a scientific research within political sciences. In this research, they show their ability to apply knowledge and skills from the methodological and statistics courses in the curriculum. The subject varies each year, but the complete research cycle is passed through: from the construction of a theoretical framework to the research report.


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