The contact details and main research interests of all members of Public Administration & Management are listed below. On each member's personal page, you can find more information about their specific research interests, research projects, and academic bibliography.


  • Prof. dr. Ria Janvier (Research interests: working conditions; public sector; labor unions; HR management; psychological contract; diversity management; workforce; administrative law)
  • Prof. dr. Wouter Van Dooren (Research interests: performance, performance management, performance measurement, collaboration complexity, accountability)
  • Prof. dr. Koen Verhoest (Research interests:  organization and governance of public tasks, with a special focus on autonomy and control of agencies, regulation of liberalized markets, public private partnerships , coordination of wicked issues)

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Boon Jan (Research interests: bureaucratic reputation; mediatization of bureaucracy; public sector communication)  
  • De Wilde Inger (Research interests: public administration; contractual and statutory employment; management and law; labour law and HRM; personnel management; industrial relations
  • Molenveld Astrid 
  • Wynen Jan 

PhD reseachers, assistants, collaborators

  • Aerts Elisabeth (Research interests: public sector; contractual and statutory employment; working conditions; industrial relations; administrative law; labour law; comparative law)
  • Aerts Sophie
  • Amin Nurul (Research interests: regulatory governance)
  • De Caluwé Chiara (Research interests: performance; performance management; hospitals; organizational ethnography)
  • De Roover Jolijn
  • Dorren Lars (Research interests: decision making processes; infrastructure policy; norms and values in decision making processes)
  • Gommers Babette (Research interests: local government; institutional discrimination; public sector recruitment)
  • Gonzalez Camilo Ignacio (Research interests: regulatory governance)
  • Hueskes Marlies (Research interests: public-private partnerships; governance; innovation; sustainability)
  • Husain Syed Omer 
  • Janssens Lieven 
  • Kempeneer Shirley (Research interests: regulatory indicators ; science and technology studies (STS) ; interpretive research; knowledge production ; constructivism ; banking stress test)
  • Kleizen Bjorn
  • Langbroek Tom (Research interests: innovation; collaboration; coordination; metagovernance; network management)
  • Lievens Kim
  • Murwantara Raden (Research interests: regulatory governance)
  • Rys Sabine 
  • Stevens Vidar 
  • Vandergraesen Joachim (Research interests: agile Government; adaptation; wicked policy problems; coordination)
  • Wolf Eva (Research interests: planning conflict; megaprojects; framing; meaning-making; conflict escalation; Oosterweel connection; case-study; infrastructure policy)

Visiting scholars

  • Rotem Medzini, Hebrew University Jerusalem (Research interests: data protection and internet policy and regulation)
  • Birgit Moser, Universitaet Klagenfurt (Research interests: use of accounting and performance information in budgeting processes; politicians as decision-makers and users of this information)

Previous collaborators

  • De Azevedo Domingues Antonio Sergio
  • Delafortry Anita
  • Echelpoels Hans
  • Hoffmann Cornelia
  • Liu Xuanhui
  • Op De Beeck Liesbeth
  • Peeters Nele
  • Schram Frankie
  • Seale Wesley
  • Valkeneers Rob
  • van den Hurk Martijn 
  • Vanhoutte Lieselot
  • Van Praet Marc
  • Wauters Benedict
  • Willems Evelien
  • Willems Tom