Research themes and mission

The research group Public Administration and Management (PA&M) is a part of the Department of Political Sciences of the UAntwerp (Faculty of Social Sciences). Our agenda focusses on three themes:  (a) public administration and law, which studies the interaction between public law and administrative reforms; (b) public administration, information and performance, which studies the use of performance information in decision making and management in public administration; (c) public administration and governance, which studies the governance and coordination of public tasks in complex multi-actor settings. The central research issue is how public administration systems cope with and integrate changing and partially conflicting (institutional) logics arising from their legal and political environment, administrative reform ideas, and expanding interactions with private stakeholders with diverse interests.

Our mission is to generate and valorise relevant, theory-based, and empirically grounded scientific knowledge on public administration systems in relation with law, performance and governance. With this knowledge, we want to contribute to better government and governance: more effective, more agile, and more responsive to society.

Our group has between 20 to 24 members (head counts, full-time or part-time): three professors, of which one is research professor, four post-docs and one senior researcher, and a number of PhD students (12-15). We have a multi-disciplinary staff with Masters in public administration, political science, law, sociology, economics and communication sciences. Our funding comes from both research councils (FWO, SB, BOF-UA, foreign research councils) and from governmental science programs, like the Policy Research Center for the Flemish Government, Federal programs like Belgian Research Actions through Interdisciplinary Networks, or EU funded programs like H2020 as well as commissioned research by different governments (EU, national, regional and local). We are intensively involved in international comparative projects and networks (like EGPA, COBRA, ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance and COST Actions).  Our publication profile balances internationally oriented WoS journal articles (up to 16 WoS articles in 2016), international peer-reviewed books and book chapters, as well as national practitioner-oriented publications. As illustration, the group produced 34 peer-reviewed publications (articles, books and chapters) in 2016. We teach public administration and law courses in the Bachelors and Masters in the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as in the Executive Master in public management of the Antwerp Management School.

For more information about our research group, its mission and core themes, please click on the pdf-link :

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