Research Collaboration

UAMC is also a leading partner in the Antwerp Drug Discovery Network (ADDN) of which Koen Augustyns is spokesperson. ADDN is an IOF-consortium with a mission to promote valorisation of research. Also, UAMC is part of Infla-Med, a research consortium of excellence at the University of Antwerp that conducts fundamental research in the domain of inflammatory diseases by using a multidisciplinary approach.


- Infla-Med

UAMC participates in several EU funded consortia. FP7-ITN-OpenMedChem with GSK on tuberculosis, FP7-PDE4NPD on parasitic phosphodiesterases, H2020-ITN-Integrate on gram-negative antibacterials.

- OpenMedChem




Since 2002, Koen Augustyns is the President of the Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry Division of the Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV) in Belgium and he serves the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) as Secretary (2009-2013), President-Elect (2014) and President (2015-2017).




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