The seminars will take place on Zoom and are open to a wider university audience. Please contact if you would like to access the Zoom link for any of the talks.

  • March 5 (13.00 to 14.30) Johan Farkas, Malmö University - Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination

Book talk based on Johan and Jannick Schou’s book Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: Mapping the Politics of Falsehood

  • March 26 (13.00 to 14.30) Dr. Florian Vanlee, Ghent University - Queer studies and domestic television: Balancing global disciplinary logics and local specificity in research

  • April 16 (15.00 to 16.30) Assistant Professor Whitney Phillips, Syracuse University, & Associate Professor Ryan M. Milner, College of Charleston - Creative Co-Authorship and Approaches to Scholarship: Reflections on You Are Here 

Book talk based on Whitney and Ryan’s new monograph You Are Here: A Field Guide for Navigating Polarized Speech, Conspiracy Theories, and Our Polluted Media Landscape

  • May 21  (13.00 to 14.30) Professor Sahana Udupa, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich - Polarized politics in intimate forms: Deep extreme speech and the social lubricant of trust