​Waters Acquity TQ. More information found on http://www.waters.com


​​Preparative LC-MS system (Waters) and a semi-preparative SFC-MS system (Waters).  More information found on http://www.waters.com​


​400 MHz NMR apparatus (Bruker).

Flash purification units​

​2 Isolera Systems (Biotage) for automated chromatographic purification. Equiped with automated 10-column system with uv detection, quaternary gradient former, advanced software control and targeted fraction collection. More information on http://www.biotage.com

Plate reader

​Biotek Synergy MX. More information on http://www.biotek.com

Gel electrophoresis

​Biorad Mini-protein tetra system

Molecular modeling equipment​

​A large number of molecular graphics systems are available for high-end visualisation of proteins and data. Advanced molecular modeling software such as MOE, PyMol, Chimera, AutoDock, RDKit, and Modeller.

Freeze dryer

Vacuum oven

The compact Vacuum Drying Oven Heraeus Vacutherm VT 6025

Melting point apparatus

Melting point apparatus, M-560 (Büchi)