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Research focus

We focus on environmental, technology and sustainability issues from a sociological perspective in interdisciplinary settings.

Our research group aims at

  • developing a better understanding of environmental and socio-technical problems
  • by investigating specific topics in cooperation with actors in the field, often in collaboration with other scientific disciplines
  • driven by the sociological issue behind what is often presented as a technical problem or a matter of implementation, and the development of new practices,
  • and always inspired by current insights in the field of social and policy sciences

Want to know more ?

You can find us in the fields of environmental nuisance, environment & health, integrated risk assessments and risk governance, brownfield rehabilitation, integrated water and flood management, disposal of nuclear waste, energy & climate, sustainable development, education for sustainable development, environmental justice, transitions towards sustainable materials and circular economy, the food system, nature conservation, spatial planning and policy evaluation.

Our expertise and interests

lie in dealing with the evolving role of expertise in contexts of scientific uncertainty and public controversy, new arrangements for boundary work, stakeholder and citizen participation in knowledge processes; the social construction of risk, safety and the living environment, social inequalities and environmental justice, intentional socio-technical transitions, institutional dynamics in policy and environmental policy evaluation.

Our research group also collaborates with the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development (IMDO), with OASeS (Reseach Centre on Inequalities, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City) and with the Urban Studies Institute (USI) of the University of Antwerp. 

Publications in the spotlight

Coproducing flood risk management through citizen involvement : insights from cross-country comparison in Europe
Mees Hannelore   Crabbé Ann   Alexander Meghan   Kaufmann Maria   Bruzzone Silvia   Lévy Lisa   Lewandowski Jakub  
Ecology and Society - ISSN 1708-3087-21:3 (2016) p. 1-14
Long-term repository governance : a socio-technical challenge
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Journal of risk research - ISSN 1366-9877-18:3 (2015) p. 378-391
Extended peer evaluation of an analytical deliberative decision support procedure in environmental health practice
Keune Hans   Koppen Gudrun   Morrens Bert   Colles Ann   Springael Johan   Loots Ilse   Teughels Caroline   Chovanova Hana   van Campenhout Karen  
European journal of risk regulation. EJRR - ISSN 1867-299X-1 (2014) p. 25-35
Wind farm struggles in Flanders fields : a sociological perspective
Pepermans Yves   Loots Ilse  
Energy policy - ISSN 0301-4215-59 (2013) p. 321-328
Environmental justice under our skin? Socio-stratifying human biomonitoring results of adolescents living near an industrial hotspot in Flanders, Belgium
Morrens Bert   Bruckers Liesbeth   Loots Ilse   Den Hond Elly   Nelen Vera   Larebeke Nik   Sioen Isabelle   Schoeters Greet   Baeyens Willy  
Looking within : finding an environmental justice and global citizenship lens / Druffel, K. [edit.]; e.a.-p. 185-199

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